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Long-Term Improvements In Focus, Concentration And Behavior

ADD and ADHD Symptoms

ADD and ADHD symptoms can be directly related to an imbalance of brainwave function. For example, an excess of Delta energy can cause the loss of focus and concentration typically seen in ADD patients. Too many Alpha waves can lead to slower information processing and an inability to do multiple tasks without difficulty.

Finding it hard to sit still? This may be caused by too much energy from Beta waves on the right side of the brain.

Neurofeedback Can Improve These Imbalances

Remember when you learned to ride a bicycle? Or maybe how to swim for the first time?
When you first started, your brain didn’t know how to do it. However, with practice, and repetition, you soon mastered it. This process of learning with repetition and feedback is known as operant conditioning. It`s a natural learning activity everyone uses when developing new skills.

Neurofeedback uses the same safe, natural approach in improving your brain function.

One Parent`s Success

“I’m thrilled to say my son’s condition has improved without the use of additional medication! We have seen a huge improvement in his focus all around. Improvements in his grades at school, focus on the soccer field and his home life. Thank you, Brain Wave Center Staff!”

Jules LM

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First We Measure The Actual Imbalances

This is done using a time-tested technology known as an electroencephalogram (EEG). It`s a painless, easy test – we place a cap on the head that allows the computer to measure your actual brainwaves. We then compare the results with those of other patients, people of the same age who do not suffer with ADD or ADHD symptoms.

The comparison gives the doctors the data needed to create a customized training program to correct the imbalances that are likely the cause of the symptoms in the first place.

The Training Is Fun And Easy

All the patient needs to do (child or adult) is come in, sit down in a comfortable chair, and watch a movie or video that they pick. A normal training session is 30 minutes long. During that time, we will place several small sensors on the scalp that measure the brainwave output in real time. Just like in real life, if your brain speeds up while you watch the movie (you get fidgety, or anxious) – this is too much Beta energy. When this excess is detected, the movie dims, and the sound decreases..

This is a signal to your brain to slow down. Over time, the brain creates new, more efficient neural pathways that allow you to think in a calmer, healthier manner. The result:-No More ADD or ADHD Symptoms!

Long Term Results

Just like learning to swim, or ride a bike, these skills remain for a lifetime, even if you don`t use them often. That`s because the brainwave pathways remain in place permanently. Neurofeedback helps your brain to create the same long-term improvements in your brain activity. Once completed, the improved focus, concentration are yours to keep!.

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