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Long-Term Improvements In Focus, Concentration And Behavior


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ADD and ADHD Symptoms

Finding it hard to sit still? Struggling with school or work performance? ADD and ADHD symptoms are common is both children and adults. They often result in poor school performance, an inability to accomplish goals and complete many of the daily tasks of life. ADD/ADHD symptoms are often directly related to an imbalance of brainwave function. For example, an excess of Delta energy can cause the loss of focus and concentration typically seen in ADD clients. Too many Alpha waves can lead to slower information processing and an inability to do multiple tasks without difficulty. While medications help reduce the severity of ADD/ADHD symptoms, they do little to address the underlying brain imbalances. Once medications are stopped, symptoms usually return.


The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes EEG neurofeedback as a “Level 1” – “Best Support Intervention for Attention & Hyperactivity behaviors (ADD and ADHD)”

At the Brain Wave Center, we measure your brain wave activity using an advanced technology, called 19-point qEEG analysis (Quantitative Electroencephalogram). This is a safe and painless process that allows us to measure the actual brainwave energy in each part of your brain. 

This assessment helps us determine the underlying cause of many types of attention and focusing difficulties. From this information, a custom designed neurofeedback protocol is created.


During a typical neurofeedback session, you simply relax and watch a movie or video. While you are watching the movie, we will be measuring your brainwave activity with several small sensors on your scalp. If your brain shows us an ADD/ADHD pattern, the neurofeedback system will begin a feedback process that helps correct the brain wave imbalances.

When brain wave imbalances are observed, the visual input of the neurofeedback video dims and the sound decreases. This feedback signals your brainwaves to slow down, bringing the movie back into focus, helping you to learn how to control those scattered ADD/ADHD thoughts. Just like when you learned to ride a bike, with practice and repetition, your brain will develop new neural pathways that allow you to feel more relaxed and calm. The long-term result is often an end to attention and focus difficulties!

Hear from Happy Parents!

Neurofeedback is a safe, natural approach to improve your child’s brain function.

One Parent`s Success

“I’m thrilled to say my son’s condition has improved without the use of additional medication! We have seen a huge improvement in his focus all around. Improvements in his grades at school, focus on the soccer field and his home life. Thank you, Brain Wave Center Staff!”

Jules LM

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