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What causes anxiety and panic attacks?

When life gets stressful, it’s common to feel a bit of anxiety. Many people have persistent anxiety that takes away from their ability to enjoy life. Medications and supplements may help to temporarily suppress anxiety or panic attacks, but the underlying cause goes unaddressed. Research has shown that anxiety and panic attacks can be associated with imbalances in brain wave activity. Checking for brain wave imbalances provides the missing key to understanding and treating many forms of anxiety and panic. For some individuals, anxiety is associated with an excess of Beta (high frequency) brainwaves, typically on the right side of the brain. Beta brainwaves occur naturally when you are thinking. However, most people with anxiety experience excessive beta brain waves that are associated with run-on thoughts. If these repeating, negative thoughts get out of control, instead of just feeling anxious, you can develop a full-blown anxiety attack.

How Does Neurofeedback Eliminate These Symptoms?

At the Brain Wave Center, we measure your brain wave activity using an advanced technology, called 19-point qEEG analysis (Quantitative Electroencephalogram). This is a safe and painless process that allows us to measure the actual brainwave energy in each part of your brain. This assessment helps us determine the underlying cause of many forms of anxiety, panic, racing thoughts, and inability to feel calm and relaxed.

Neurofeedback uses the same safe, natural approach in improving your brain function.

The Training Process Is Both Safe, And Effective

During a typical neurofeedback session, you simply relax and watch a movie or video. While you are watching the movie, we will be measuring your brainwave activity with several small sensors on your scalp. If your brain shows us an anxiety or panic pattern, the neurofeedback system will begin a feedback process that helps correct the brain wave imbalances.

When brain wave imbalances are observed, the visual input of the neurofeedback video dims and the sound decreases. This feedback signals your brainwaves to slow down, bringing the movie back into focus, helping you to learn how to control those anxious thoughts. Just like when you learned to ride a bike, with practice and repetition, your brain will develop new neural pathways that allow you to feel more relaxed and calm. The long-term result is an end to your anxiety and panic attacks!


Find out today how neurofeedback can help you or a loved one. Call 941-552-4500 or click here to schedule your Free Initial Evaluation online.

A Family Affair

“Neurofeedback has worked so well for our adopted child that suffers from childhood traumas that both my husband and I have started using the training as well.”

Sue C.

Find out today how neurofeedback can help you or a loved one. Call 941-552-4500 or click here to schedule your Free Initial Evaluation online.

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