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New Technology Provides A Better Solution


Depression is frequently related to brainwave imbalances in the brain. Many people, suffering with depression, have an excess of Alpha brainwaves on the left side of their brain. Alpha brainwaves are normal, however, too many of them can create negative thought patterns, leading to depression.

Neurofeedback training can eliminate these excess Alpha waves, which leads to a more balanced outlook on life, and a marked decrease in depression tendencies.

To Begin, We Check Brainwave Activity

This is done using a quantitative EEG brain scan, also called a “brain map”. This is a painless process that can measure the actual brainwave activity in real time. The goal is to determine where the brainwaves are imbalanced, and also how those imbalances may relate to your feelings of depression.

Neurofeedback uses the same safe, natural approach in improving your brain function.

A More Optimistic Outlook

“Thank you so much to The Brain Wave Center for the neurofeedback treatment. The experience is life changing & your support throughout the process very helpful. Overall, my outlook on life is more optimistic and enjoyable.”


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The Training Is Enjoyable

A neurofeedback training session is a relaxed, pleasant, enjoyable experience. All you need to do is sit comfortably, relax, and watch a video that you pick out. During the training session, the equipment measures your real-time brainwave activity using several small sensors placed lightly on the scalp.

The measurements taken during the session provide immediate feedback on how the brain is functioning. If you start feeling sad, and have negative thoughts, this will be measured as an excess of Alpha energy. When this happens the movie dims, and the sound goes down. Your brain responds to this feedback by creating new, healthier neural connections. Over time, the continuous feedback helps your brain to create new neural pathways that allow you to think in a calmer, more positive manner.

An All-Natural Solution

This is a natural learning process known as operant conditioning. Similar to learning how to ride a bike, this is a natural, easy way to teach the brain how to think better. Not only does it help to create change, but the improved neural connections represent a permanent improvement in the way your brain processes information. So – No More Depression!.

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