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Stop migraines before they start.

Migraine headaches affect roughly 28 million people on a regular or semi-regular basis. The symptoms can be so severe that they interfere with normal activity and leave you unable to function as you normally would. If medication and other therapies are not working, neurofeedback can train your brain to reduce the severity and frequency of migraines.

Neurofeedback uses the same safe, natural approach in improving your brain function.

A Successful Outcome

“I am halfway through my series of treatments and am noticing subtle, yet profound differences in my brain function.”


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Treat migraines at the source.

Neurofeedback training corrects migraines by changing the way your brain creates brainwaves. The training opens new neuro pathways within the brain, creating balance, clearer thinking, and less stress. Like training the body to complete a specific exercise, neurofeedback trains the brain to utilize and create brainwaves more efficiently, relieving migraine symptoms and reducing the occurrence of migraine headaches.

Neurofeedback training can reduce the number and intensity of migraine attacks. One study found that 70 percent of the study participants showed a 50 percent reduction in the frequency of headaches.


What can you expect during a neurofeedback session?

For new clients, we begin treatment with a brain map to obtain a baseline of current brainwaves. The brain mapping is a painless procedure and provides us with the data needed to create a training plan. Once we have the training plan in place, we will go through several training sessions to begin improving brain function.

Training sessions are typically 30 minutes and involve watching a movie while brainwaves are painlessly monitored in real-time. As the client’s brainwaves are received, the audio and visual elements of the video change helping the brain to create new neural connections and pathways over time. All you need to do is watch the video, and we will do the rest!

Natural results that last.

Neurofeedback creates new neuropathways within the brain, and this change lasts long into the future. The reduction in migraines is long term, since the new, healthier pathways remain long after the last training session is completed.

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