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A therapy designed to treat the source, rather than just the symptoms.


TMS is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment therapy that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate activity in neurons. There are several TMS medical devices cleared by the FDA for use in treating Major Depressive Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Migraine.

TMS therapy can be an effective alternative to medication. It’s an outpatient therapy that helps balance abnormal brainwave electrical activity. Patients are able to drive themselves to and from appointments.

What is PrTMS?

PrTMS (Personalized rapid transcranial magnetic stimulation) is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment for depression and other mental health conditions. It works by delivering a magnetic pulse to the region of your brain that regulates your moods, particularly stimulating under-active neurons that are creating the feelings of depression.

Understanding Your Brain

Your brain contains billions of nerve cells, known as neurons. Neurons are arranged in patterns & locations throughout your brain which correspond to different functions, such as emotion, memory, and physical activity. These neurons communicate with each other electrochemically, which results in the production of brainwaves. Irregular brainwave activity is believed to be at the root of mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, memory loss, ADHD, etc. By harmonizing abnormal brainwave activity, PrTMS helps address the underlying cause of these emotional health concerns.

Explore the Benefits of PrTMS

PrTMS is an advancement to the TMS technology that has been around for decades. PrTMS is new and updated version of TMS that is personalized for each individual. Also, PrTMS uses a significantly reduced magnetic field amplitude compared to the traditional TMS systems. PrTMS is an exciting new therapy that may improve the quality of life for patients with a variety of brain and mental health conditions – including those that have not responded to medication in the past.

How PrTMS Works

Evaluate and Map Your Brain Function

A common test known as an electroencephalogram (EEG) will be performed to measure your brainwave activity. The recording takes less than 5 minutes to complete. In addition, you will respond to a series of questionnaires, which provides qualitative information about your brain health.

Data Analysis

The data collected in Step 1 is used to generate a treatment plan tailored specifically to you. All treatment plans are reviewed and approved by a qualified PrTMS provider.

Application of PrTMS Therapy

PrTMS therapy is performed according to your personalized plan. During treatment, you will relax in a comfortable chair. Normal activities, including driving, can be resumed immediately afterwards.

Brain function testing is done after every 5 sessions to monitor progress and optimize the treatment plan to your unique needs.

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The PrTMS Difference

Personalized rapid TMS (PrTMS) is an approach to treatment that was designed to offer a personalized, gentler, and more sophisticated approach. Unlike traditional TMS where all patients receive the same treatment therapy, PrTMS incorporates diagnostic assessments and a brain function analysis for a more personalized TMS treatment plan designed to provide optimal results.

PrTMS is a method of medical practice that can be used by physicians. It is not a product or FDA-approved. However, in our experience, we have found that PrTMS may be helpful to patients suffering from a variety of mental health conditions, and also to healthy individuals, such as athletes, who are interested in high-level human performance.


  1. Safe and non-Invasive
  2. May Eliminate Medications
  1. Long-Lasting Results
  2. Sessions Are Relaxing and Enjoyable

Frequently Asked Questions about PrTMS

What does a PrTMS treatment feel like?

Many patients describe their treatment experience as a light tapping sensation. Most patients do not consider this to be an uncomfortable feeling.

Are there any side effects of PrTMS therapy?

A mild headache that is treatable with over-the-counter pain relievers is the most common side effect, although many patients don’t report any discomfort at all. Any rTMS method has a very low risk of seizures.

How long does PrTMS treatment take?

Treatment appointments typically take about 30 minutes. An initial treatment plan consists of treatment 5 days a week, for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. After the initial treatment period, additional sessions can be scheduled according to how you feel and your doctor’s clinical judgment.

Can children receive PrTMS?

PrTMS practitioners have treated children with PrTMS – talk with your child’s doctor to see if PrTMS may be right for them.

Is everyone a candidate for treatment?

Patients with any form of metal in the head or on the face are not eligible for treatment. Not every patient will respond to PrTMS. Results are not guaranteed.

Does insurance cover PrTMS?

Your insurance may cover the cost of some of your PrTMS treatment. Speak with staff at your practice and your insurance company to determine your coverage.


  • Non-invasive and well-tolerated
  • An outpatient service that allows for the continuance of normal daily routines.
  • Current data demonstrate efficacy in patients who have struggled and failed medications
  • TMS was FDA Approved in 2008 for the treatment of depression.

Brain Mapping May Be The Key To Finding The Cause Of Your mental and physical health challenges


Become Yourself Again with PrTMS

PrTMS therapy may improve quality of life for patients with a variety of brain and mental health conditions – including those that have not responded to medication in the past.

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