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Combining Neurofeedback with
Psychotherapy to Optimize Success

Sometimes the missing piece is simply the brain — how it is managing, processing, and responding.

At The Brain Wave Center, we offer psychotherapy services alone or in combination with neurofeedback training sessions. However, from our own experience and peer-reviewed studies, we have discovered that by merging advances in applied neuroscience, specifically, neurofeedback, with established and proven models of psychotherapy, we often see superior results. With the addition of Neurofeedback, You become an active part of your Mind and Brain’s healing.

Our trained therapists combine the qEEG Brain Map results along with the comparative data received from our advanced online assessment tools to share insight and provide awareness between how the mind is operating vs. how the brain is functioning. Therapy continues with a greater awareness of the client’s areas of strengths and areas to improve on.

In order to fine-tune your therapy, we also can incorporate one or more online tools to help support your cognitive and emotional well-being. These assessments allow you to have a cross-comparison between what you believe you have issues with, in cognitive and emotional states, and what the mapping system says you may have potential problems with.

Without drugs or invasive procedures, our approach facilitates a way to reestablish the health of our clients. This is why we offer a well-rounded, holistic approach to brain health including traditional individual, marriage, and family counseling together with neurofeedback and nutrition. We want to provide our clients the best possible means to engage issues in a manner that restores health so they can enjoy life.
Psychotherapy and neurofeedback therapy coupled can provide strong, lasting results unobtainable by a single therapy. Few clinics in the Sarasota area are able to offer both neurofeedback and talk therapy with the same therapist. The client/therapist relationship is powerful.