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Merging advances in applied neuroscience with evidenced based models of psychotherapy

Pinpoint the Issue

We provide comprehensive mental health treatment and psychological testing for children, adolescents, families, and adults.

Our team incorporates proven testing and assessment methods backed up by qEEG Brain Map analysis to accurately identify underlying issues and correctly identify appropriate therapies.

There are Solutions

At The Brain Wave Center, we offer psychotherapy services alone or in combination with neurofeedback training sessions.

However, from our own experience and peer-reviewed studies, we have discovered that by merging advances in applied neuroscience, specifically, neurofeedback, with evidenced basedmodels of psychotherapy, we often see superior results.

With the addition of Neurofeedback, You become an active part of your Mind and Brain’s healing.

Neurofeedback uses the same safe, natural approach in improving your brain function.


Psychotherapy Services

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Based Services
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Couples Counseling
  • Behavioral Management
  • Parent Coaching

To achieve break-through results, we use proven traditional treatment approaches, combined with leading-edge technology to build an individualized treatment solution.

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Mental health issues can happen to anyone. Having a mental problem does not make someone a bad person, nor is it indicative that an individual is incapable of handling their life. Many stressors can lead a person to struggle with mental wellness. Unemployment, foreclosure, death, COVID, relationship struggles, sick children, or caring for elderly adults are just a few examples of things that can push people to their mental limits. The truth is, that at one time or another, most people have had or will have mental health concerns. There are many ways to handle mental stresses. For example, exercise, sleep, talking to a trusted friend, mindfulness, are all simple things you can do to relieve mental stress. But what happens when those antidotes don’t work, and a person is left feeling irritated, sad, depressed, overwhelmed, and a crisis occurs? Well, you start by telling them that “it is okay not to be okay” and call 211 and ask for a referral. It’s that easy.

211 offers many solutions and resources. In addition, to giving referrals for mental health counseling, 211 can provide you a list of resources such as food, low-cost health care, housing, domestic violence shelters, and more. The resources that are provided by 211 are state-specific and may vary.

If you need help, just dial 211. Caring help is here.

We have listed resources for mental health wellness. Below is a list of resources:


Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

1-(800) 273 8255 (TALK)

The Samaritans: (877) 870-4673 (HOPE)

Crisis Text Line (Or, on your smartphone, text HOME to 741741)

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