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qEEG and Anxiety Symptoms

Neurofeedback was a new practice 50 years ago, and brain mapping had not even been conceived as an idea. Practitioners got decent at identifying what was causing conditions like sleep, anxiety, ADHD, and more. However, when EEG brain mapping, otherwise known as qEEG, came onto the scene it was now possible to precisely administer neurofeedback training.

With the assistance of brain maps, neurofeedback practitioners can see what parts of the brain are failing to function properly. This acquired information can help in making a targeted training to treat the various brain issues that can be resolved with neurofeedback.

But what is a qEEG, or neurofeedback? A sophisticated qEEG brain mapping shows us what is going on in your brain. Neurofeedback is simply biofeedback for the brain. It utilizes modern technology to stabilize the brain and promote cognitive functions. All of this is achieved without using medication.

Because of the sophistication of qEEG services, not a lot of neurofeedback practices offer such services. It requires a lot of experience to scan and read the scans of the brain from patient to patient.

It is important to understand that certain people’s conditions do not need a map. Maps can be an expensive procedure ranging from $295 Р$695 in price. Most psychiatrists and mental health professionals do not use brain mapping because it is not a common or conventional tool at their disposal.

Conducting qEEG mapping takes a lot of training and practice and can be a difficult service to offer when it is still a very fresh skill.

Patients can be misdiagnosed and given incorrect treatment, as well as unnecessary medication. qEEG brain mapping can properly diagnose anxiety symptoms, symptoms of depression, and more without the fear of misdiagnosis.

If you believe that a qEEG scan is the right course of action for your mental health, contact Brainwave Center today.