The Perfect Holiday Gift for Someone You Love . . . Peace of Mind

Sometimes, the holidays seem to be filled with more expectations than excitement, which can at times bring out the worst in us.   Finding peace, hope, and joy is an expectation of most of us this time of the year, but actually realizing any of these can sometimes be difficult.  Crowded shopping malls, the quest to find the perfect gift, setting up holiday decorations, traveling, holiday bills, entertaining family or the in-laws, having unexpected company . . . all of these can affect how our brain functions.

Christmas isn’t about presents and gifts, it’s truly about reconnecting with family, friends, and faith.  It can also be a time to make sure that you are well and ready for the coming year.  A moment to find your center in the chaos.  Certainly, there are several ways to reduce holiday related issues — but have you considered neurofeedback?

Your brain regulates everything you think and do.  So, when overburdened, symptoms may manifest throughout the body; sometimes in surprising ways.  For example, an unwanted change in your mood, impulsive shopping, brain fog, or sleepless nights.

At The Brainwave Center, we utilize neurofeedback programs customized to you, to overcome a variety of issues and experience long lasting results. Neurofeedback focuses on building new neural pathways, strengthening the brain, rather than patching up symptoms. In fact, the brain has actually relearned a more efficient way of performing.

Generally, our clients report improved moods, decreased impulsivity, restored control of anxiety or depression, better mental clarity, more restful sleep and a host of other benefits – all without drugs and harsh side effects.  We can also provide Psychotherapy, Nutrition & Exercise Counseling, light therapy and more to help you rediscover your well–being.

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