Unveiling the Gut-Brain Connection: Poop Frequency and Cognitive Health

It’s no secret that gut health and cognitive well-being are closely linked. What you put in your body can have a direct impact on the way you think and feel. But did you know that your poop frequency may also be related to your cognitive health?

Let’s dive into a recent study exploring the fascinating connection between gut bacteria and cognitive function.

The Role of the Gut Microbiome

The gut houses a complex ecosystem of microorganisms known as the microbiome, playing a critical role in regulating our overall health and well-being. This microbiome also aids in the digestion of our food and produces essential nutrients needed for daily functioning. Our microbiota act as protective friends, safeguarding us from any possible contamination from bad food or drink. Hence, any disruption in this delicate ecosystem could lead to changes in brain chemistry, and your poop frequency might serve as a tell-tale sign of discrepancies in your health.

The Groundbreaking Study

Chaoran Ma, an associate professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s School of Public Health, and Dr. Dong Wang, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, analyzed data from 112,753 women and men, revealing a “first-of-its-kind evidence” linking cognitive decline and infrequent bowel movements. The participants underwent surveys measuring bowel movement frequency from 2012-2013, self-assessments of cognitive function from 2014-2017, and clinical cognitive assessments from 2014-2018. Cognitive assessments looked at various aspects of brain function, including general memory, attention, sense of direction, and understanding.

The findings indicated that individuals with one bowel movement every 3+ days experienced “significantly worse cognition equivalent to 3.0 years of cognitive aging” (Ma, Amherst Public Health). Moreover, there was a slight increased risk of cognitive decline for those with more than 2 bowel movements in a day. In a smaller sample of 515 individuals, researchers observed that bowel movements and functioning had associations with the overall variation of the gut microbiome and specific microbiota species. Those who suffered from constipation or poorer bowel movements showed higher concentrations of bacteria linked to inflammation and fewer bacteria contributing to fiber digestion.

Prioritizing Gut & Brain Cognitive Health

Though poop frequency and consistency may not seem glamorous, understanding their role in overall health is essential. Our little friends in our intestines work tirelessly to keep us happy, and to maintain their happiness, we must ensure we take care of them. Ensuring adequate fiber intake, hydration, and regular exercise can promote healthy bowel movements, nurturing our gut bacteria, and ultimately supporting better cognitive health. The next time you feel off or experience brain fog, consider paying attention to your bowel movements—valuable messages from your gut might await you!

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