The Haven

Partner Profile: The Haven

Established in 1954, The Haven began as a vision for an organization that would serve children with special needs throughout their lifetime. Our founders, a group of forward thinking parents, seeing that there were no services to support their children to grow as individuals, they decided to build an organization that would provide opportunities through every stage of life.

the haven at brainwave centers

The Brain Wave Center provides neurofeedback training to clients of the Haven. Our project serves both children and adults with various special needs.  Our primary goal is to help as many people as possible with disabilities using neurofeedback. 

Currently, clients of the Haven travel to our downtown Sarasota location to receive services.  In the future, The Brain Wave Center will open a new branch at The Haven.

Neurofeedback at the brain wave centers

The Haven offers programs and services for individuals with disabilities. The Brain Wave Center compliments the services already utilized by the Haven.  Our partnership brings neurofeedback to a new population that might otherwise not had access to this type of training.

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