Nika Zusin – Yoga Teacher 

nika zusin yoga teacher 

Meet Nika Zusin

Nika Zusin, a dedicated yoga teacher, brings a wealth of experience to her practice, stemming from a 15-year career as a dancer followed by a decade as a dance instructor. Throughout her journey, she has observed the consequences of neglecting the body’s needs, witnessing the prevalence of injuries among dancers who push themselves beyond their limits.

In 2012, Nika embarked on a transformative yoga journey that not only complemented her physical prowess as a dancer but also enriched her life on a profound level. Through the practice of yoga, she discovered the transformative power of meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork, nurturing not only physical strength but also inner growth and emotional well-being.

Today, as a seasoned yoga teacher, Nika shares her expertise with individuals of all ages and body types, adeptly blending various yoga styles to meet diverse needs. Her primary goal is to inspire her students to integrate the wisdom gained on the mat into their daily lives, fostering a holistic approach to wellness.

In addition to her general classes, Nika specializes in trauma-informed yoga, with a focus on working with individuals affected by PTSD. She firmly believes in the healing potential of yoga as a tool for regulation, combining breathwork, targeted poses, and mindfulness practices to alleviate triggers and foster a deeper connection with the body.

Join Nika on the mat as she guides you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing through the transformative practice of yoga.