Patient Testimonials


Don’t just listen to us. Here are what our patients say about us.

  • Since working with the Brain Wave Center my son’s grades and temperament have greatly improved. ADHD symptoms have been reduced…

    Jen G.
  • I am halfway through my series of treatments and am noticing subtle, yet profound differences in my brain function…

  • Neurofeedback has worked so well for our adopted child that suffers from childhood traumas that both my husband and I have started using the training as well…

    Sue C.
  • Realizing the positive effects that neurofeedback training has had on our pilot group and staff, we are now offering it to all our children and those within the community who suffer from financial hardship. We know we have an amazing opportunity to change lives in special ways…

    Tom Waters
  • Heartfelt thanks to the trustworthy and brilliant team at the brain wave center. I am feeling better, functioning at a higher level, and being more productive than I have in years thanks to your neurofeedback feedback and brain training! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to gain better mental clarity and the ability to concentrate. Being able to focus on my career and healthy habits have improved my mood and sense of well-being…

    Leslie H.S.
  • We’ve seen a huge improvement in our son in his focus, grades at school, focus on the soccer field, and his home life. Thank you Brain Wave Center Staff!

    J. L. M.

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